Everyone has a personal preference for their tackle, so we compiled a list of items you may consider bringing with you.
Because of the cost associated with Rods , quality tackle and jigs, we don't stock any for resale.
Pats Tackleworld Gladstone – Greg and his friendly staff are on hand to offer advice and set you up with the right fishing gear if required – Ph. 07 49723692
For anyone who is interested, below is a link to a PDF of what we suggest to our passengers for fishing tackle. If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to ask us about it.


Tura Charters operate within the regulations of the Department of Primary Industry QLD. These regulations govern fish sizes, species, bag limits and reef closures that apply to our guests. Please make yourself familiar with these regulations.
Our vessels also operate within Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority regulations. These regulations govern our activities within the Marine Park.
A Recreational boat License is required to operate the tenders
Tenders and alcohol consumption : you are responsible for your consumption of alcohol, the law is the same at sea as it is on land with the operator of the tender (driver) be under 0.05 at all times.


All your own fishing gear – we will do our utmost to assist with setups and advice for which ever area you have chosen for your charter.  We can organise rods and reels at a reasonable hire cost but not terminal tackle, if you need advice on terminal tackle we will be happy to assist.
Old clothing for fishing (long sleeve shirts), Old sneakers tfor reef walking, Sunscreen, Hat, Sunglasses,  wet weather gear, as you will be travelling in open waters it can get a bit rough so some sea sick tablets are a good idea especially if you are unsure and haven’t travelled in open waters before. An old towel for the tenders or cushion for the tenders ( we do supply cushions for the tenders but sometimes we are missing a few without realising) Warm clothing , depending on the time of year  it can be cool especially at night.
We have a Television and DVD / CD player on board, you are welcome to bring along your favorites.  Don’t forget the Camera / video / Go Pro to capture your fishing holiday in these beautiful areas. We are always happy to share your pictures and videos of your trip with us to everyone on our web site, Facebook page and Instagram.


7 day charters - Departure is usually between 3.30 – 4.30 pm returning the following Saturday between 4-6am. 3 day charters to the Capricorn Bunker Group – Departure is between 10pm – midnight returning to port between 4-7pm.
Taxi Service Gladstone:
Blue and White Taxis – 49721800 or 131008
If you are flying into Gladstone it is advisable to ring ahead and book your cab, they will require your name, flight number and time of arrival. The Marina is approximately 10 minutes from the airport
Arriving early or staying on after your charter and need information in regard to accommodation and information in and around the Gladstone area : home-page/


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